Since 2010 Exoclinic has developed several initiatives within our area of expertise in the medicine and surgery of birds, reptiles and exotic mammals.
We have organised several initiatives over the years, for all those interested in life sciences of various ages and from different areas of life sciences

EXOCLINIC – VET skills for non-conventional pets

EXOCLINIC will host a 5-day Intensive Study Program which will bring together students and professionals.

TASKS and mission of EXOCLINIC
We noticed that there is a need to develop skills for trainees and professionals that are dedicated to non-conventional pets. It is a new trend in veterinary medicine and also, we found that there is more and more a concern to consider the "one health concept": humans, animals and environment. In most intuitions non-conventional pets are not mandatory subjects for students. And professionals of this areas tend to invest in its knowledge outside campus. All the reasons above lead to join forces and develop a project called " Vet skills for non-conventional pets" that goes towards both students and tutor’s demand. Our clinical cases are complex and challenging, and we always strive to find the solutions.

GOALS of the project and the needs and target groups to be addressed.
Today the European community and our world are facing multi-dimensional career goals expertise levels and exchange of good practices. By developing the VetSkills project between institutions which allows application of adequate countermeasures and counteraction on a global level. It is necessary that professionals are properly equipped with knowledge, skills, and competences relevant to their professional context which is characterized by various challenges.
FOR Students: basic techniques for avian, reptile and exotic patients.
FOR Professionals: Advanced techniques for diagnostic, medical and surgical appointments.

How to apply?
Please consider: Letter of intention , CV and an interview by email: [email protected]
Google Forms link:

Minimum 5-day Intensive program. Advisable 4 weeks.
Cost of attendance (COA) 
For Students – 150€ per week
For Professionals – 450€ per week
Method of payment
Nº da Conta: 40356849207
IBAN: PT50004590714035684920717

Sending proof to [email protected]

Worldwide Students

International internship program

We receive students from different universities around the world.
The program consists of developing work responsibility, students participate in our daily activities, help with surgical procedures, consultations, and animal care.
- Duration 4 to 8 weeks

School for vets for young people aged 8 to 16 years

An intensive week with lectures, "resolution" of real clinical cases and observation of birds, reptiles and small mammals, accompanied by Exoclinic veterinarians and veterinary assistants. Every year Easter and summer school holidays.

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