Since 2010 Exoclinic has developed several initiatives within our area of expertise in the medicine and surgery of birds, reptiles and exotic mammals.
We have organised several initiatives over the years, for all those interested in life sciences of various ages and from different areas of life sciences

Summer School for students

Every year, EXOCLINIC organises an international summer school of exotic medicine and surgery. The five-day course takes place in July.

The event is organised by the veterinarians of the Bird, Reptile and Small Mammals Clinic.

In this hands-on course, students will learn basic clinical procedures for exotic birds, reptiles and small mammals. They will demonstrate to participants the basics of handling exotic animals, blood sample collection and analysis, radiographic evaluation and parasitological examination.

The school culminates with a presentation of techniques in anaesthesiology and surgery.
On the last day of the course students learn the basic techniques of diagnostic endoscopy and dental surgery.

For more info, email: [email protected]

Worldwide Students

International internship program

We receive students from different universities around the world.
The program consists of developing work responsibility, students participate in our daily activities, help with surgical procedures, consultations, and animal care.
- Duration 4 to 8 weeks

School for vets for young people aged 8 to 16 years

An intensive week with lectures, "resolution" of real clinical cases and observation of birds, reptiles and small mammals, accompanied by Exoclinic veterinarians and veterinary assistants. Every year Easter and summer school holidays.

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